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not with the president who seems never to know about anything. but looking at kathleen sebelius, she still has a job after this big bungle. the bosses away and the cats are going to play. >> the president might be perfectly innocent in his own right, but the staff is running roughshod on him and not only on him by the constitution. >> there's a question as to how engaged the a's. an article about how he likes to invite columnists over to the white house to discuss their columns and viewpoints and sometimes this goes on for 2.5 hours and not sound like a lot of fun. i think i would like to do that and that is not governing. that's not the president of the united states should probably be doing. having 2.5 hour debate sessions. is the president of the united states and his governing responsibility here and you're getting the sense that he doesn't like the governing aspect of his job. he would rather engage in discourse with david brooks or someone else and not actually run the country. and that is disturbing. neil: on the signature piece of legislation, it's a remarkable achievement and then to drop t
that's a trend we can all get behind. ♪ neil: kathleen sebelius, is he serious that she is responsible? you know what, still on the job. should she still be on the job? the hot debate. maybe we are using all the wrong words. companies are not canceling some plans, they are transitioning them. the democratic congressman who says that but cannot argue, more americans are just getting sick of this. can you imagine being forced to watch all of this from the sidelines? you in america know our health care system in and out more, but a judge has already decided but out. after spending 70 months in prison he has done his time and tonight he plans to speak his mind. the first year and only year. don't look now, but is boeing getting ready to pick another union fight? in of those fans and newt -- fancy new 777 is? does for it wants to build more? in south carolina where it has no union workers. how do you think that will go over? we are all over it. and all over age supersecret, super huge, super something going on in san francisco. the market all treats no tricks. treks disguised
sebelius, claims that the buck stops with her, she is responsible for this, it does go to the president. but she took the blame. when you take the blame it requires you to fix something, too, doesn't it? >> neil, i was thinking about roughly 6 years ago, when we were rolling out medicare part d, that was the largest. largest. implementation of this sport that was done to that point, first 6 or 7 weeks, they were rocky, i think most important lesson we learned, we went to the american public, and said, we have problems, here is what they are. and we own them. we own them, we will find them, we will fix them, and we'll finish them. and here is the way in which we'll do it we do find the american people prepared to be patient, the key was, we actual dethat and by the time we were in to seventh week, the system began to improve, and to eighth week, people liked it and now you look back, it was a big -- a very successful implementation. but the key is we took responsibility and we delivered. neil: but not right away, you admitted it later on, your critics saying you do not account for the co
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)